Health Care Services


Westside Family Medicine Health Care Services

There is a strong emphasis in the specialty of Family Medicine on promoting health and preventing disease, and the physicians at Westside Family Medicine are trained to provide complete health care to patients of all ages.

  • Annual physical

  • Women’s health care including PAP smears, contraception management and IUD insertion and removal, menopause consultation, treatment for vaginal discharge/symptoms, and telemedicine

  • Work and sports physical

  • Travel consultation

  • LGBTQ+ health including: initiation and maintenance of gender affirming hormone therapy, PrEP and PEP, sexual health, affirming PAP tests, HIV screening and management & preventive care.

  • Integrative Medicine, Nutrition, and Wellness consults
  • Walk in and Same-Day visits

  • Treatment for the following: prescription/medication refill, PREP Truvada, mole evaluation, illness including but not limited to flu, headache and migraine, cough, colds, sore throat, fatigue, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, back pain, urinary tract infection, thyroid disease, anemia injury (falls, minor lacerations, concussion evaluation), joint pain, diabetes, contraception, vitamin deficiency, asthma, smoking cessation

  • Vaccines including: Flu, Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, Shingles, HPV (Gardasil), Meningitis, Polio, Pneumonia, childhood vaccines

  • Procedures including EKG, spirometry, wart treatment, mole biopsies, minor laceration repair, magnesium infusion for migraine, B12 injection

  • Wellness screening referrals, including bloodwork, Flu Shots, Colonoscopy, Mammogram, Bone Density Scan






Westside Family Medicine has received hundreds of Verified Patient Reviews on Zocdoc. Here is a recent sampling of our reviews.

I’m a fellow healthcare professional and Dr VanDyke was wonderful, as was her medical assistant. Very thorough, asked all the right questions, answered all my questions, ordered tests, and I was out the door in about a half-hour with a follow-up email just a few minutes later containing a copy of my EKG, exactly as I’d requested. Awesome.

May 11, 2016 by Julie S.

I adore Dr. Gaur. He always takes the time to explain things. He has an EXCELLENT “bedside” manner. He’s all around a great doctor. He did a procedure for me right in the office and was right about everything he did during and what would happen after. I’m so glad I switched and have him as my PCP!!

May 17, 2017 by Lisa K.
Dr. Martindale. Great doctor, great facility, great guy. Didn’t feel rushed, explained things thoroughly, was able to take my appointment on short notice, clean facility, nothing negative to report. Overall great experience, especially considering I’m already feeling terrible. Would highly recommend.
April 11, 2017 by Colin C.