What is Telemedicine and is it right for you?

Telemedicine allows for you, the patient, to access a doctor or other health care professional remotely via video-conference.
Telemedicine can be used to help bridge the gap between appointments, so that you can access a health care provider at a time that you are otherwise unable to come in to the office.
Away on vacation and want the advise of a doctor you know and trust?
Stuck at work or home with a sick child but you really need to speak to a professional about what your symptoms mean and what to do about them?
Telemedicine may be right for you.
Face to face medicine has numerous benefits, but sometimes that just isn’t in the game plan and you need medical advise.

Why telemedicine at Westside Family Medicine?

Based in NYC, what makes Telemedicine different at WFM is that all our telemedicine providers ALSO see patients in our three Manhattan offices.
Often you may need to see a doctor in person after a telemed visit- maybe not that day- but sometime that week or month.
Most telemedicine providers you book with will be located far away from where you are, and won’t be able to see you in person if needed or have their finger on the pulse of what illness are going around in your neck of the woods.
At WFM, any in person follow up needed can be done by the same provider, same practice, allowing for a smooth transition in your care and nothing lost in translation.

Telemedicine visits are billed to your insurance as office visits, and copays/deductibles are sometimes applied. Please check with your insurer to understand your telemedicine coverage details. If we do not accept your insurance plan the cost of the telemedicine consult is $150.

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Dr. Bertie Bregman, MD
Dr. Bertie Bregman, MDFamily Physician
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