Primary Care is centered on lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families. Family physicians integrate the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences to provide continuing and comprehensive health care.

So what does this mean? Let’s dive into what you can gain from maintaining a healthy relationship with a primary care physician you’re comfortable with.

Promoting Better Health

If you have the same provider, it’s much easier and more convenient to make the appointment. No hassle with finding the right fit or needing to make sure your insurance is set up each time you go.

This ultimately promotes better health with more consistent check ups. 

We know how easy it is to accidentally let 5 years go by without checking in. We also know that when it comes to our health, a lot can change in that short of time, sometimes without us even noticing. When you have a single PCP you’re comfortable with, they can easily reach out and make sure you’re on the books for a check up.

Early Detection

It’s natural with any new provider to be a little nervous. This alone can make us more reluctant to bring up health challenges that could easily be brushed off. But when you work with a primary care physician in the long-term, any symptom that’s outside of the ordinary can be a cause for concern, and they’ll know it’s out of the ordinary.

All of this contributes to earlier detection of ailments that could have challenging consequences when discovered too late. As we know, early detection is key, and the key to early detection is a PCP who’s familiar with you.

long term pcp matters

Prevention & Earlier Treatment

When you’ve been working with a PCP for years, you both have a good idea of your body and how it functions on a regular basis. Something that’s “normal” for you might not be normal for someone else.

A PCP who knows you well will know your normal from your abnormal. Something that could be routine and average in someone else would be concerning to them when it appears in you. Ultimately, this leads to better preventative measures being taken and faster treatment to address those abnormalities.

Quick Appointments

When you’re familiar with your PCP, you can cut right to the chase. No need to go through a ton of formalities, like the lengthy physicals you get once a year or when you establish a meeting with a new provider.

Because they know you, they’ll be able to know what to look for and where, getting you in and out quickly while still taking the care to catch anything abnormal or concerning.

Peace of Mind

When you know there’s a quality care provider you have access to, you feel a lot better, especially parents who worry over wild kids, possible injuries or illnesses. Many people even have access to call their provider for questions when they arise, and aren’t required to come in to check things out if it’s not necessary.

But even when something does happen and you want to see your PCP, it’s comforting knowing it’s someone you know and trust well who can be there for you in a time of need.

Forming a relationship with your primary care physician just has to start somewhere, and requires consistent and regular visits for both your health and for familiarity. Start today by scheduling your appointment!