Nicole Kopchak, PA-C


Nicole Kopchak, PA-C, is a seasoned Physician Assistant currently serving at Westside Family Medicine, where she delivers urgent, primary, and preventive healthcare to a diverse patient base. Nicole manages the healthcare needs of up to 35 patients daily, ranging from newborns to adults, emphasizing disease prevention and health promotion. Her role perfectly marries her deep scientific knowledge with exemplary organizational and interpersonal skills, ensuring high-quality care and effective patient management.

Nicole’s extensive medical background is also utilized in her consulting role with Elaborate, where she applies her comprehensive clinical expertise to provide strategic insights and build relationships with key stakeholders, including opinion leaders and investors. Her ability to stay current with scientific trends and address specific scientific needs highlights her as a leader in health sciences consulting.

Her rigorous academic training includes an advanced medical degree and completion of a remarkable 12 clinical rotations at Wagner College—double the average in her field. This provided her with a robust foundation in research and hands-on clinical practice, particularly in gastroenterology and immunology. Nicole is also known for her strong commitment to educating and mentoring within the medical community, leveraging her experience to foster professional growth among her peers.

Nicole’s career is distinguished by her versatility in clinical, research, and consulting capacities, her ability to lead and participate in significant projects such as her Master Thesis, and her skill in building strategic partnerships that enhance organizational and patient outcomes.

Nicole Kopchak, PA-C
Nicole Kopchak, PA-CPhysician Assistant
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Wagner College
Master of Physician Studies

Wagner College
B.S. in Physician Assistant Studies